When you are using Condo Clean services you Pay By The Job - Not By The Hour!

As you may already know, when you are hiring a cleaning services company an hourly rate, the concern is that the maids will take an unnecessarily longer amount of time than necessary to complete their appointed task costing you more money. For this reason Condo Clean decided to be different than your typical hourly rate cleaning services company introducing PAY BY THE JOB - NOT BY THE HOUR! for your cleaning service.

Our flat rates are quoted per service and will leave you with no doubts. No hourly rates. Just a great feeling! We are sensitive to individual needs and budgets and are therefore flexible in our price ranges. Our rates are competitive and our quotes are free.

Our company values are simple: HONESTY - RELIABILITY - SERVICE and QUALITY.

Quoting a cleaning job without seeing all the variables mentioned below is difficult at best. The following is not a guarantee of a price but will give you a general idea of where our rates can fall.

The service cost varies depending on:

Recurring Cleaning Services Rates*

  • Monthly Cleaning Services - 1 Time Per Month

  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services - 2 Times Per Month

  • Weekly Cleaning Services – 3+ Times Per Month

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One-Time Cleaning Services Rates

  • Move-In or Out Cleaning Services

  • One Time - Residential Cleaning Services

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* A $30 additional fee will be applied to the first visit.

NO LONG-TERM CONTRACT IS REQUIRED for you to take advantage of our recurring services, we can simply offer better pricing and convenience based on the frequency of your orders.

To request a FREE ESTIMATE, please call at 612.751.0390, contact us at Info@CondoCleanMpls.com or use the form provided on our contact page. We will be happy to provide you with a prompt, customized estimate!

If you must cancel your scheduled service, we require notice at least one business day in advance, otherwise $25 rescheduling or $49 late cancellation/lock-out fee may apply. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact us! We're happy to help.

Condo Clean is fully licensed, insured and bonded